And now i will tell you something about my old P4-2533.


I built this Machine with old Hardware of my other Machines.

I use my AsRock Motherboard witch had Problems with AGP 8x Graphic Cards,
Put some TwinMos Dual Channel DDR-Ram 400 Mhz CL2,5 on it and filled
the Case with all my old 60GB HardDisks. 4x Mactor and one Western Digital.

Graphic Card, Sound Card and 100 M/Bit Lan are OnBoard.


After i try to Play some Strategy Games on the Machine i saw the OnBoard Graphic
 is to slow for playing. Now my old Geforce 2 Ti 4200 GS found the way in this Machine.


One Intel Pro 1000 MT Network Card found the Way into the Case too.

Makes the Performance while copy over Lan much better.

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